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Signature Compliance Specification for Go China SMS

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2018
  • The Signature is the identifier of the SMS Sender, and it should only be used to identify its own company, product or service provided.
  • The text of Signature must not related to:Pornography, gambling, drugs, party and government, rights protection, crowdfunding, charity fundraising, religion, superstition, stocks, immigration, interview recruitment, loans, dunning, credit card withdrawals, investment and wealth management, winning, lottery, one yuan, One yuan spike, imitation goods, plastic surgery, tobacco and alcohol, dating, violence, intimidation, fur, rebate, invoice, agent registration, sell personal information, traffic marketing
  • The length of Signature text should between 2 and 12 letters, only English, Chinese and Arabic numerals is accepted.
  • The Signature must not contain any symbol or sign.
  • No need to add 【】、()、[] for the Signature, system will add 【】automatically on the signature.