The SAG-1000 device is used to connect headquarters and large branches to Alibaba Cloud through one-arm mode.


Property SAG-1000
Casing Metal, matte black, mountable
Size 1 U, halfwidth
Operating environment Indoor environment
Operating temperature 0 ℃–45 ℃
Storage temperature -40 ℃–70 ℃
Power supply 12 V DC (Power adapter and power cable included)
Power consumption <60 W
Interfaces Two SFP optical ports
The number of electric ports varies according to the manufacturer. Generally, four or six GE/FE RJ45 electric ports are provided.


After receiving the Smart Access Gateway (SAG) device, check that the following items are provided:

  • An SAG device
  • A power cable
Note If any item is missing or damaged, contact Alibaba Cloud after-sales personnel. Two types of SAG-1000 devices are provided.

Type 1 (size: 250×193×44 mm)

  • Front panel

  • Rear panel

Type 2 (size: 241×220×44 mm)

  • Front panel

  • Rear panel

The following is an overview about the components of an SAG-1000 device of the Type 1 category. Types 2 device, although different in appearance, have the same functions as Type 1 devices.
  • Front panel

    There is a power LED indicator, an alarm LED indicator, and a cloud connection status LED indicator on the front panel of the SAG device:

    LED indicator Description
    Power On: The device is running normally.
    Alarm The status of the alarm LED indicator includes the following:
    • Green: The device is normal.
    • Yellow: The device is faulty.
    Cloud connection status The status of the cloud connection status LED indicator includes the following:
    • Green: The connection to the cloud is normal.
    • Yellow: The connection to the cloud is faulty.
  • Rear panel
    There is one RESET button, two USB interfaces, six ports, one power socket, and one switch on the rear panel of the SAG device.
    • Ports

      Two SFP optical ports and four electric ports. Port 2 is the default administration port.

      The default administration IP address of the SAG device is

    • Reset button

      You can reset the SAG device to its default configurations by pressing the reset button three times within 10 seconds while the device is powered on.

    • USB interface

      You can use a 4G USB drive to access the Internet.

    • Power socket

      Located on the left-hand side of the front panel. The power supply must be 12 V DC.

      Note We recommend that you use the original power cable.

Networking mode

The SAG-1000 device is connected to the switch through one-arm mode. This means it can connect local clients to Alibaba Cloud without changing the current network topology.