This article will show you how to add data sources in Bulk Mode.

  • Fast cloud currently only supports three types of data sources: MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.
  • Add data sources in Bulk Mode is currently only available for Data Source Type Has Public Network IP.
  • After adding MySQL and Oracle, SQL Server data sources , Batch testing connectivity are required. Only when Connected State is Success, the specific bulk data source would be an available data source option for Bulk Sync.
  1. Log in to the DataWorks Consoleas Project Administrator.
  2. Click The Data Integration in a specific Workspace.
  3. In Data Integration > Sync Resource > Data Source Page, click Add Data Source.
  4. In Add Data Source window, you can select MySQL,Oracle , or SQL Server.
    Configuration Instructions
    Data Source Type Select Has Public Network IP.
    Configuration Select Bulk Mode.
    The script upload Click Template to download the template file, input your data source name, data source description, link address, user name, and password into the downloaded template file.
    Note In general, there is an existing data source, you can just delete and add your own data source information.
    Select a file Click Select a file to choose an existing template in local.
    Start new After file uploaded successfully, click Start new, the information of data source uploading will display in the text box, such as the number of successes, the number of failures, cause of the failures, etc.
  5. Click Finish when uploading process completes.
  6. In Data Source Page, select specific data source, click Bulk testing connectivity.
    Note Only if the Connected Status of the data source is Success, you can operate the Bulk Sync.
  7. Select the data sources that you want to upload then click Bulk Sync.