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Last Updated: Jul 30, 2019

The short video SDK allows you to crop videos by duration and frame size, crop audio by duration, and crop images by frame size. The core cropping interface is AliyunICrop.

Edition difference

Edition Description
Professional edition All features are supported.
Standard edition All features are supported.
Basic edition All features are supported.

Cropping process

The cropping process is as follows:

1. Set parameters.
2. Start cropping.
3. Complete cropping.

Set parameters


You can create or destroy a cropping instance and set cropping parameters.

  • Create a cropping instance.
  1. AliyunCropCreator#createCropInstance(Context context);
  • Destroy a cropping instance.
  1. AliyunICrop#dispose();// Releases resources.
  • Set cropping parameters.
  1. AliyunICrop#setCropParam(CropParam param);

Set callbacks

  • Set callbacks.
  1. AliyunICrop#setCropCallback(CropCallback callback);

Start cropping

  • Start cropping.
  1. AliyunICrop#startCrop();
  • Cancel cropping.
  1. AliyunICrop#cancel();

Complete cropping

  • Release resources.
  1. AliyunICrop#dispose()