You can use a query control to query data based on a numeric field.

Scenario: Query provinces and cities with whose profits are within the range from USD 2,500 to USD 4,500. In this example, the company_sales_record dataset is used.

Create a dataset

  1. Log on to the Quick BI console.
  2. Click the Workspace tab. On the Workspace page that appears, click Data Sources in the left-side navigation pane.
  3. On the Data Sources page that appears, click Create Data Source in the upper-right corner. In the Add Data Source dialog box that appears, select a data source.
  4. Click the Create Dataset icon in the Actions column that corresponds to the data source. For more information, see Create a dataset.

Create a dashboard

  1. On the Datasets page, find the target dataset, and click the Create Dashboard icon in the Actions column. In the dialog box that appears, specify the dashboard type and click OK.
  2. On the dashboard edit page that appears, click the Edit Dataset icon and select the company_sales_record dataset.
  3. Create the following cross table.Cross table to be queried

Query numeric data

  1. Click the Query control icon.
  2. Click the New filter icon in the query control.
  3. In the Query condition setting dialog box that appears, specify the query condition name, associated charts and fields, and the query condition. For more information, see Query data based on a numeric field.
  4. Click OK to complete the configurations.
  5. In the query control, specify the value range that you want to query and click Inquire. The chart to which the query control applies is updated.
Cross table to be queriedQuery results