This topic describes how to list all objects in a bucket.

Use the following code to list all objects in a bucket:

OSSGetBucketRequest * getBucket = [OSSGetBucketRequest new];
getBucket.bucketName = @"<bucketName>";

// Set optional parameters.
// getBucket.marker = @"";
// getBucket.maxKeys = @"";
// getBucket.prefix = @"";
// getBucket.delimiter = @"";

OSSTask * getBucketTask = [client getBucket:getBucket];

[getBucketTask continueWithBlock:^id(OSSTask *task) {
    if (! task.error) {
        OSSGetBucketResult * result = task.result;
        NSLog(@"get bucket success!") ;
        for (NSDictionary * objectInfo in result.contents) {
            NSLog(@"list object: %@", objectInfo);
    } else {
        NSLog(@"get bucket failed, error: %@", task.error);
    return nil;

The following table lists the configurable parameters and their descriptions returned by the list operation:

Name Description
delimiter The delimiter used to separate object names. CommonPrefixes specify a set of substrings that start with a specified prefix and end with the first specified delimiter.
marker The initial object in the list.
maxkeys The maximum number of objects that can be listed. The default value is 100. The maximum value is 1,000.
prefix The prefix that must be included in the returned objects. Note that if you use a prefix to make a query, the returned key values still contain the prefix.

For more information about optional parameters, see GetBucket (ListObjects).