The terminal cannot be connected to Alibaba Cloud. For example, you cannot successfully ping an ECS instance in the same CEN or another PC in the same CCN.


  • The link between the terminal and the device has failed.
  • The VPN link between the device and Alibaba Cloud has failed.
  • The target ECS instance has failed.
  • The network of the service provider has failed.


  1. Log on to the Smart Access Gateway console.
  2. Click the ID of the target Smart Access Gateway instance and check if the status of the device is Ready.
    • If the device is offline, see The device is offline to troubleshoot.
    • If the device is not offline, check if the device is in the Ready status. If not, check if the device is bound to a CCN or if it has expired. Otherwise proceed to 3.
  3. Check if the configurations of the device are as expected.
    • On the Smart Access Gateway console, check whether the private CIDR block of the device and the bound CCN are configured as expected.
    • On the web configurations of the device, check if the WAN and LAN configurations of the device are as expected. If so, proceed to 4.
  4. The cause may be the internal software failure of the device. You can restart the device to see if the problem persists or open a ticket.