After logging on to the Smart Access Gateway console, you can see that the device is in the Offline status.


  • Device software failure.
  • Connectivity failure between the device and Alibaba Cloud.
  • The device is being upgraded.


  1. Ping other famous websites in the same environment of the service provider to make sure that the network of the service provider is normal.
    • If the network is abnormal, contact the service provider.
    • If the network is normal, proceed to 2.
  2. Check whether the device is powered on.
    • Check whether the RUN light on the device is on.
    • Check whether the lights of connected network interfaces are green.
  3. The device is temporarily offline during upgrading. Make sure the device is not being upgraded.
  4. The cause may be due to the internal software failure of the device. You can restart the device to see if the problem persists or open a ticket for further consultation.