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Short video SDK for Android

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2020

 Short video SDK Pro for Android

Date Version Revision
2020-09-21 v3.16.2 1. Fixed blur background bugs
2020-06-23 v3.16.1 1. Fixed known bugs
2020-05-12 v3.16.0 1. Fixed mainstream animation effects.
2. Fixed the occasional breakdown issue reported from online feedback.
3. Fixed lagging issues (slowness or choppiness) that may occur during long video playback.
4. Fixed video recording breakdown caused by compatibility issues.
5. Fixed some bugs.
2020-01-07 v3.14.0 1. Supports Android Q. Video recording, editing, and production were optimized for Android Q.
2. Fixed freezing during video recording.
3. Fixed memory leaks and improved the performance of some modules.
2019-11-21 v3.13.0 1. The stability and performance of the recording module are optimized.
2. The recording module supports Render and Computer Everything Engine-based face filter.
3. Fixed some known bugs to improve the stability.
4.The MV effect interface is removed from the recording module.
2019-09-10 v3.12.0 1. Log analytics is supported.
2. The performance of the edit module is improved.
3. The addRunningDisplayMode: interface for switching between padding and cropping modes is removed from the edit module.
4. The removeRunningDisplayMode: interface for disabling padding and cropping mode switchover is removed from the edit module.
2019-07-30 v3.11.0 1. It takes less time to start recording, stop recording, and produce videos. This improves the smoothness of segmented recording.
2. The granularity and precision of recording progress callbacks are improved.
3. Groups of pictures (GOP) can be precisely controlled to accelerate video transcoding in some scenarios.
2019-06-29 V3.10.5 1. Added the AliyunIMixRecorder interface to provide the duet feature.
2. Added the AliyunIMixComposer interface for producing a video from multiple videos. This interface can be used to achieve effects such as picture-in-picture and left-right split-screen.
2019-06-12 V3.10.0 Feature updates:
1. Supported adding the big devil and Minions sound effects during editing.
2. Supported editing videos in the MJPEG format.
3. Improved compatibility with some damaged video files for playback during editing.
4. Supported hardware encoding for HEVC videos during editing and transcoding.
5. Improved the transcoding speed.
6. Added the AliyunIRecorder.resizePreviewSize method for resetting the preview window size during recording.
7. Added independent interfaces for producing or uploading videos.
Bug fixes:
1. Fixed the bug that the duration is displayed incorrectly for a recorded video clip.
2. Fixed the bug that memory leakage may occur because some handles are not released.
Method changes:
1. Added the draw method to forcibly draw a frame during editing. This resolves the issue that the first frame is not drawn during initialization by default.
2019-04-24 V3.9.0 1. Added the sound effects of lolita, uncle, reverberation, and echo..
2. Improved the seeking performance during editing.
3.Fixed known bugs and enhanced the stability.
4.Combined and to
5.Changed the thread triggered by OnFrameCallBack to a child thread.
2019-03-01 V3.8.0 1. Improved editing and playback performance and guaranteed smooth video playback without stalling.
2. Improved efficiency of video production.
3. Optimized the preview definition for video recording.
4. Improved the recording frame rate on earlier devices.
5. Fixed bugs and enhanced the stability.
2018-12-14 V3.7.7 1. Improved the video definition without changing the video quality.
2. Supported uploading H.265 videos.
3. Fixed bugs and enhanced the stability.
2018-11-01 V3.7.5 1. Added the transition feature with mainstream effects, including fade, polygon, and blinds.
2. Added the subtitle animation feature with multiple effects, including rotation, shifting, scaling, and transparency adjustment.
3. Supported adding multiple speed ramps for multiple video clips.
4. Improved the adaptability to uploaded GIF images.
5. Fixed bugs and enhanced the stability.
2018-08-21 V3.6.5.1 1. Integrated copyrighted music from Xiami Music.
2. Integrated a third-party AR facial recognition module and added advanced face and skin filters.
3. Fixed the problem where multiple video clips cannot be played automatically after they are uploaded for editing.
4. Supported using pixel buffer to access and render YUV data.
2018-07-26 V3.6.5 1. Fixed the problem where the video cropping process is stuck at 99%.
2. Fixed the problem of preview stalling for certain cropped videos.
3. Fixed bugs in the editing and upload modules.
2018-06-21 V3.6.0 1. Rebuilt the editing module to improve transcoding and production performance.
2. Added the time effects, including the fast-forward motion, slow motion, looping, and reverse motion effects.
3. Reduced the video file size without changing the definition.
4. Improved the definition of videos rendered with effects.
5. Supported audio mixing, audio cropping, and choosing any audio segments.
6. Improved the tracking effect of face stickers.
7. Fixed bugs.
2018-02-09 V3.5.0 1. Added the magic music feature to the recording module.
2. Added filters, such as trance and phantom.
3. Fixed bugs.
2018-01-03 V3.4.0 1. Added 13 filters.
2. Improved performance of face detection and tracking. Up to three faces can be detected and tracked at the same time.
3. Added the music seeking feature to the editing module, allowing you to seek to any time point.
4. Added the transition time setting function to the editing module.
5. Fixed bugs.
2017-11-24 V3.3.5 1. Added the production and upload features in the background to improve user experience.
2. Supported selecting the thumbnail.
3. Added an operation related to static stickers to the editing page.
4. Fixed bugs.
2017-10-25 V3.3.4 1. Added an operation for bitrate customization.
2. Added an operation for video cropping to the GPU to improve performance.
3. Completed internal optimization and fixed bugs.
2017-09-29 V3.3.3 1. Optimized the manual focus feature for video recording.
2. Added an operation for instantly accessing the editing mode after video cropping.
3. Enabled reporting of program crash events and errors to improve the SDK.
2017-08-31 V3.3.2 1. Added an operation for setting the background color of the cropping and editing pages.
2. Supported softcoding.
3. Fixed the crash bug in Android 8.0.
4. Fixed the problem where locally imported music cannot be played.
2017-08-11 V3.3.1 1. Added the facial recognition feature.
2. Optimized the definition for video recording.
3. Fixed the problem of oversized recording files.
4. Fixed the problem where a black and unresponsive video screen is displayed after you switch from the recording page to the editing page.
2017-07-11 V3.3.0 1. Added the real-time audio mixing and speed ramping features.
2. Supported uploading videos and photos at the same time.
2017-06-23 V3.2.0 1. Added the video doodle feature.
2. Fixed the problem where only rectangular thumbnails can be generated.
3. Fixed the problem of invalid animation effects such as music video movement, selection, and scaling.
4. Added an operation for retrieving non-keyframe thumbnails.
2017-06-16 V3.1.3 1. Added the error code and error message for invalid encoding formats.
2. Fixed the problem of incorrect cropping area settings.
3. Replaced bundleId with packageName for the download operation.
4. Provided the encoding format error specific to underlying libraries.