This topic explains why an optical module fault occurs and how to troubleshoot it.


After the SAG is connected to an optical module, the interface indicator is not lit green.


The optical module is incompatible with the SAG or is damaged.

SAGs support optical modules of the following models:
  • FORMERICAOE TSD-S1CH1-C11(1.25GB SR 550m 3.3V)
  • FORMERICAOE TSD-S2CA1-F11(1.25GB LX 10Km 3.3V)
  • Eoptolink EOLS-8512--02-D (1000BASE-SX 850nm)
  • Eoptolink EOLS-1312--10-D (1000BASE-LX 1310nm)
  • FINISAR FTLF1318P3BTL (1000BASE-LX1310nm)
  • H3C SFP-GE-SX-MM850-A (1000BASE-SX 850nm)
  • HUAWEI SFP-GE-SX-MM850 (1000BASE-SX 850nm)
  • Gigalight GSS-MDO100-007CO (10G SFP+_SFP+AOC Cable 7M)
  • H3C SFP-1000BaseT (1250Mbps-100m-RJ45-xx-SFP)
  • HUAWEI SFP-1000BaseT (SFP-1000BASE-T-RJ45-100m)
  1. Check the sending port on the left of the optical module. If a red laser is visible, the module is operating normally. Do not look directly into the sending port.

    Single-mode optical modules give out invisible light. You can use a jumper to connect the sending port and the receiving port. If the status indicator is on, the optical module is operating normally.

  2. If the fault persists, make sure that the optical module is compatible with the SAG.