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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Activation steps overview: Log on -> Apply for Beta -> Fill out the form and submit -> Review and approve the application (This step is performed by Alibaba Cloud blockchain team) -> Activate the service -> Start to use BaaS.

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud official website, go to Products > Application Service and click Blockchain as a Service.


  2. Click Apply for Beta, and log in with your account and password;


  3. If you have not yet applied for beta or the application has not yet been approved, there will be a reminder message as below. Just click Confirm and go to Apply for Beta.


  4. In the application form for BaaS Beta Testing, enter information as required and click Submit.


  5. After your application for beta testing is approved by Alibaba Cloud blockchain team, you may be prompted to activate the service when you try to access BaaS Console. Click Activate.


  6. In the service activation page, carefully read the Blockchain as a Service Agreement and check the box if you agree. Then click Enable Now to activate the service.


  7. After the service has been activated, you can start to use BaaS in the Console page. For more information about how to use the service, see Quick Start.