You can set alarm rules for system events of a Smart Access Gateway (SAG) device on the CloudMonitor console. In this way, you can be notified of any system events that occur in a timely manner.


  1. Log on to the CloudMonitor console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Event Monitoring.
  3. On the Event Monitoring page, click the Alarm Rules tab.
  4. Click Create event alerts to set the event information to receive and the contact.

    If a contact is selected, the contact will be informed of events occurred to instances under the account. If an application group is selected, contacts associated with the application group will be informed of events occurred to instances in the group.

    System events of an SAG device include the following:
    Type Name Description
    Event DeviceOnline The device is online
    AccessGatewayFailover Access point switch
    DeviceWanLinkUp WAN link recovery
    DeviceWanLinkSwitched WAN link switch
    Alert DeviceHacked The device is compromised
    DeviceLinkDown DeviceLinkDown
    DeviceSwitched Active/standby switch
    DeviceOffline The device is offline
    DeviceWanLinkDown WAN link failure
    ConnectionDisconnect The network is disconnected