This topic describes the limits of Security Center.

Threat detection limits

When Security Center detects risks, it sends security alerts to you without delay. You can process security alerts, scan for vulnerabilities, analyze attacks, and check security settings in the Security Center console. Security Center can analyze alerts and automatically trace attacks. This helps you protect your assets. Security Center supports a wide array of protection features. We recommend that you also install the latest system patches on your server, and use multiple security services, such as Cloud Firewall and Web Application Firewall (WAF), to better protect your assets against attacks.

Note Due to the rapid adaption of attacks, viruses, and the variation of the workload environments, security breaches may occur. We recommend that you use the alerting, vulnerability detection, baseline check, and configuration assessment features provided by Security Center to better protect your assets against attacks.

Logstore limits

All logs of Security Center are stored in dedicated Logstores.

  • You cannot use the Log Service API or SDK to import data into the dedicated Logstores or modify the attributes of the dedicated Logstores, such as the retention period.
  • Dedicated Logstores have no limits on queries, statistics, alerts, and streaming data consumption.
  • Dedicated Logstores do not incur charges on the condition that Log Service does not have overdue payments.
  • The default reports may be updated in later versions.