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Last Updated: Mar 04, 2019


You can call this operation to delete multiple source files.

Request parameters

ActionStringYesThe operation that you want to perform. Set the value to DeleteMezzanines.
VideoIdsStringYesThe list of video IDs. Separate multiple video IDs with a comma (,). You can enter a maximum of 20 video IDs.
ForceBooleanNoIndicates whether to forcibly delete the source file. Default value: false. Note: In no transcoding or asynchronous transcoding mode, the source file is used to support the original-definition playback of the video and therefore cannot be deleted by default. To forcibly delete this source file, set the value of this parameter to true.

Response parameters

RequestId StringThe GUID generated by Alibaba Cloud for the request.
NonExistVideoIds String[]The list of video IDs that do not exist.
UnRemoveableVideoIds String[]The list of video IDs whose source files cannot be deleted.


Sample requests

  1.,93ab850b4f6f44eab54b6e91d24d81d4&Format=JSON&<Common request parameters>

Note: For more information about common request parameters, see Common parameters.

Sample responses

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "RequestId": "25818875-5F78-4A13-BEF6-D7393642CA58",
  3. "NonExistVideoIds": ["93ab850b4f6f44eab54b6e91d24d81d4"],
  4. "UnRemoveableVideoIds":["23ab850b4f6f44eab54b6e91d24d8157"]
  5. }