The log analysis feature of Security Center supports viewing raw logs.

The Raw Logs page shows the details of each log, including time, content, and each field in the log.


You can sort query results by a specific column, download the current query results, or click the gear icon to select specific fields to display.

Click the value or part of the corresponding field in the page to automatically enter the appropriate search value in the search box. For example, by clicking the value root in username: root, the following statement is automatically added to the search box:


  1. Click Raw Logson the Log Analysis page to open the raw log list.
  2. Click the appropriate field in the Content list to automatically add the field to the search bar. When log_service is selected, this field is added to the search bar.

  3. Click Column Settings to the right of the raw log list to add the fields you want to the raw log list.

  4. Click Download Log to the right of the Column Settings to open the Download Log dialog box.

  5. In the Download Log dialog box, click Download This Page Log or Download all Logs in the CLI Console to download logs.

    • Download This Page Log: Download the log of the current page in CSV format.
    • Download all Logs in the CLI Console: Use the command-line tool to download all logs. For more information, see Export logs.