The Log Reports page of Security Center shows the default dashboard appearance for the log service. You can use the current dashboard to modify the time range and add filter conditions to view dashboard data under multiple filter conditions.

Background information

The dashboard in the Log Reports page contains the following three categories:

  • Login center
  • Process center
  • Connection center

For more information about the modules of the dashboard, see Log report dashboard.

Note Verify that Log Status on the right of the Log Analysis page is Enabled before viewing log reports. You cannot view log reports when the log is disabled.日志状态


  1. Log on to the Security Center console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Log Analysis.
  3. On the Log Analysis page, click Login Center, Process Center, or Connection Center to switch to the corresponding log reports page.
  4. Click the time selector in the upper-left corner of the Login Center, Process Center, or Connection Center page to open the Time Selector dialog box.选择时间
  5. Select the configuration as needed in the Time Selector dialog box and click OK to save your settings. You can select a relative time, a time on the hour, or a specific time.
    • When the time range is specified, data within that time range is displayed on the dashboards on the page.
    • The selected time range is valid only for the current page . It is not saved after you leave the page. The dashboard returns to the default time range the next time you open the log reports page.
  6. You can click Subscribe. In the dialog box that appears, configure the corresponding parameters, and click OK to save the filter.订阅配置

    After you have specified the filter criteria, the log dashboard presents the data corresponding to the filter criteria range. You can add multiple filter criteria to narrow down the data report.