Alibaba Security Center is integrated with Log Service. This feature allows you to access logs related to Security Center, including the categories of network, host, and security, with a total of 14 subtypes of logs. Security Center provides automatic log collection and storage in near real time. It also provides log querying, analysis, reporting, alerting, and shipping. It also allows you to integrate with systems for further processing.


Select a specific type of logs, and then you can query and analyze the collected log data in real time. You can also view or edit the dashboard and set up monitoring alerts.
  1. Log on to the Security Center console.
  2. Click Investigation > Log Analysis in the left-side navigation pane.
  3. On the Log Analysis page, select the type of logs you want to view and set the status to Enabled.
  4. Click Log Analysis to open the Log Querying page. The page displays the query page of the log type you selected.

    The system automatically matches the query statements for you.

  5. Click the Time Settings drop-down list above the Search&Analysis button to select a log time range.
  6. Click Search&Analysis next to the search bar to view the log information over the time range that you selected.
    Note Your Security Center logs are saved for 180 days and are deleted afterward.