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Last Updated: Dec 13, 2018

DBS offers features such as full backup, incremental backup, and data recovery. This section describes the different types of backup and how to select a backup type that best suits your needs.


Backup type Description
Logical backup Logical backups contain logical data such as tables, indexes, and stored procedures. In MySQL, the mysqldump utility performs logical backups. Oracle provides export (exp) and import (imp) utilities for logical backups.
Physical backup Physical backups are backups of the physical files used in storing and recovering your database. XtraBackup is a hot backup utility for MySQL. RMAN is a backup and recovery manager supplied for Oracle databases.
Snapshot backup Snapshot backups are used to create the entire architectural copy of an application system. You can use snapshots to restore the system on another server. The following tools can be used to create snapshots: Veritas File System, LVM, and NetApp NAS.

Backup types supported by DBS

Backup type How it works Feature Supported by DBS
Logical backup 1. Full backup: Tables are split into smaller tables. SQL statements are processed by multiple parallel threads to read data.
2. Incremental backup: Database logs are captured in real time, and the speed of capture is dynamically adjusted with the log generation speed.
1. Full backup: Data is stored in disks. Reading data affects database I/O performance. Full backups do not lock the database and have little impact on database performance.
2. Incremental backup: Database logs are stored as cache. Real-time backups only need to read small amounts of log data and therefore have little impact on database I/O performance.
Physical backup 1. Full backup: On the database server, you must install the DBS backup gateway, which transfers your database backups to OSS.
2. Incremental backup: The same as described in the logical backup section.
1. Full backup: Files are copied from the operating system directly. The backup speed is faster than a logical backup.
2. Incremental backup: The same as described in the logical backup section.

For more information about the restrictions of DBS physical backups, see Notes on physical backups

Currently, DBS only supports logical backups and physical backups.

How to select your backup type

Backup type Database size DBS backup gateway required
Logical backup Multiple MBs~hundreds of GBs of data No
Physical backup Multiple TBs of data Yes