The following table lists the releases of Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) Container.

Release Date Build package number Pandora version Revision
3.5.8 2020-01-10 59 3.5.8
  1. Upgraded the config-client and High-speed Service Framework (HSF) plug-ins, and fixed the issues that the ConfigClientWorker thread exited when a HSF application encountered an out-of-memory (OOM) error and that a registered service is deleted when the SPAS authentication failed.
3.5.7 2019-11-08 58 3.5.7
  1. Upgraded the HSF plug-in, added the circuit breaking function, and fixed quality of service (QoS) bugs.
  2. Updated the tddl-driver plug-in, and removed the check of ps-cache parameters in Global Transaction Service (GTS) transactions.
3.5.6 2019-9-12 57 3.5.6
  • Updated the config-client plug-in to fix the problem of unread cache in multi-tenant scenarios.
  • Updated the HSF plug-in to fix the issue that the QoS command of the Pandora container cannot be executed and the service address cannot be found when excessive services are subscribed by the HSF plug-in.
  • Upgraded all Fastjson-based plug-ins to the secure sec06 version.
3.5.5 2019-8-15 56 3.5.5 Added the support of Hessian Lite on which Dubbo depends in the HSF plug-in.
3.5.4 2019-7-18 55 3.5.4
  • Updated the HSF plug-in to fix the problem that RPCContext cannot be cleared.
  • Updated the tddl-driver plug-in to assemble the TXC_XID HINT information that is missing in the prepareCall operation.
  • Updated the metrics plug-in to fix the issue that the BinAppender object consumes excessive memory.
  • Upgraded Fastjson packages of Fastjson-based plug-ins to the latest version 1.2.58.
3.5.3 2019-3-13 54 3.5.3
  • Upgraded the HSF and EagleEye plug-ins to support end-to-end phased release and HSF phased release.
  • Upgraded the ons-client plug-in to 1.8.0-EagleEye.
3.5.2 2019-1-26 53 3.5.2
  • Upgraded the HSF plug-in to support disabling the function of publishing or subscribing to a service for DEFAULT_TENANT tenants.
  • Upgraded Ali-Tomcat to version 7.0.92.
  • Added the ons-client plug-in and upgraded it to 1.7.9-EagleEye.
  • Upgraded other Pandora plug-ins.
3.5.1 2018-11-28 52 3.5.0 Upgraded the JDK for the Docker image to version 1.8.0_191.
3.5.0 2018-9-10 51 3.5.0
  • Upgraded eagleeye-core to version, and fixed the issue that Chinese parameter values in web application URL requests are garbled when being retrieved.
  • Upgraded the HSF plug-in to, and fixed the issue that the HSF service list cannot be viewed through the Pandora QoS command.
  • Removed the ons-client plug-in (the JAR package of this plug-in may conflict with the JAR package of the application).
3.4.7 2018-8-1 50 3.4.7 Upgraded ons-client to 1.7.8-EagleEye, and fixed the issue of class conflicts caused by the trace function of Message Queue (MQ).
3.4.6 2018-7-5 49 3.4.6
  • Upgraded the HSF plug-in to version
    1. Supported Cloud Service Bus (CSB) functions.
    2. Fixed serialization errors in some scenarios.
    3. Fixed the problem of high dependance on virtual IP addresses (VIPs).
    4. Supported Dubbo health check in Spring Boot.
  • Upgraded config-client to 1.9.6, and supported dynamic adjustment of the maximum number of registrations.
  • Upgraded Sentinel to version 2.12.12-edas, and supported Spring Boot 2.
3.4.5 2018-6-14 48 3.4.5 Upgraded Application Configuration Management (ACM) to version 3.8.10, and fixed the issue that listening through the native interface fails in the multi-tenancy scenario.
3.4.4 2018-5-18 47 3.4.4
  • Fixed the problem that a timeout error occurs when Timeout is 0 in the case that an HSF provider asynchronously processes data and is called locally.
  • Fixed the problem that RpcContext lacks the peer IP address when Dubbo is used in EDAS.
  • Supported the Dubbo service label in aspect-oriented programming (AOP) scenarios.
  • Fixed the problem that HSF generic calls are not supported when the Boolean value is in the Map field.
3.4.3 2018-4-24 46 3.4.3
  • Upgraded Diamond to version 3.8.8.
  • Fixed the constant indication that the certificate cannot be found and added security capabilities.
  • Upgraded edas-assit to version 2.0.
  • Optimized the availability detection logic of ports, and upgraded Fastjson to version 1.2.48.
3.4.1 2018-3-15 44 3.4.1
  • Upgraded the HSF plug-in, and supported DubboX.
  • Upgraded diamond-client and configcenter-client.
  • Upgraded edas-assit, and canceled the port check when the specified port value is displayed.
3.4.0 2018-3-7 43 3.4.0
  • Upgraded edas-assit, supported dynamic configuration of the CSP port, and fixed the issue that checking available ports is slow.
  • Added a tenant-oriented Config Center.
  • Upgraded config-client to provide a unified client and support Config Server 2.0 and Config Server 3.0.
3.3.9 2018-1-17 42 3.3.9
  • Upgraded the HSF plug-in, and fixed ZooKeeper blocking.
  • Upgraded Sentinel to add system protection (which only takes effect when the rule is pushed to the console).
  • Modified the default endpoint for international support.
3.3.6 2017-12-20 41 3.3.6
  • Fixed the problem of a long exception message because the header information is added repeatedly when the same exception is thrown.
  • Fixed the problem that trace parsing and display of the application topology are affected when UNKnown is generated by EagleEye.
3.3.5 2017-12-20 40 3.3.4 Added support of ACM to HSF 2.2
3.3.4 2017-11-30 39 3.3.4
  • Upgraded Diamond to the latest version to be compatible with ACM.
  • Fixed problems such as HSF generalization, unit dependency, parsing exception of multiple ZooKeeper addresses, and InetAddress serialization, and supported the whitelist rule.
  • Fixed the issue that customized settings on the Service Degradation page needs 30 seconds to take effect.
  • Supported EagleEye health check, which includes AliMetric and Tomcat Monitor.
  • Upgraded ons-client and added the function of setting message cache sizes on the MQ client.
3.3.3 2017-10-18 38 3.3.3
  • Added the function of automatically registering applications, which is disabled by default.
  • Resolved file handle occupation in HSF.
  • Supported HSF 2.2.4 for Sentinel and enhanced Pandora QoS commands.
3.3.2 2017-10-18 36 3.3.2
  • Fixed the problem that there are hsf.lock handles in HSF.
  • Added Redis tracking. Upgraded tddl-driver for online end-to-end stress testing.
  • Enhanced the Pandora QoS command.
3.3.1 2017-07-13 34 3.2.2 Upgraded tddl-driver separately for online end-to-end stress testing.
  • Version: indicates the version number of the selected EDAS Container (Pandora container).
  • Build package number: indicates the build package number of EDAS Container (Pandora container), which corresponds to the "buildPackId" value in the DeployApplication API operation.
  • Pandora version: indicates the version of the real SAR package for EDAS Container (Pandora container), which corresponds to the SAR value in the tabao-hsf.sar/ file. Click the corresponding Pandora version number to download the Pandora archive package.

EDAS SDKSDK version description

SDK version Required EDAS Container version Description
1.8.2 3.5.0 or later Enhanced the custom HSF Filter capabilities. For example, to implement special service exception logic processing in HSF Filter, you can customize RPCResult on HSF Filter, and return the result to the application through HSFResponse.