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Last Updated: Dec 24, 2018
Version Release date Basic edition Change
3.5.0 2018-9-10 3.4.7
  1. Upgraded eagleeye-core to V1.7.4.8. Fixed the problem of returning garbled Chinese parameter values for an URL request of the Web application.
  2. Upgraded HSF to V2.2.6.7-edas. Fixed the problem of failing to obtain an HSF service list by running the Pandora QoS command.
  3. Removed the ons-client plugin because of the possible conflict between the JAR Package for the ons-client plugin and that for the application.
3.4.7 2018-8-1 3.4.6 Upgraded ONS to V1.7.8-EagleEye. Eliminated the class conflicts resulted from the MQ Trace function.
3.4.6 2018-7-5 3.4.5 <Ol>
  • Upgraded HSF to V2.2.6.1.
  • <Ol>
  • Support for the CSB function.
  • Fixed serialization errors in some scenarios.
  • Fixed the problem of strong VIP dependency.
  • Support for health check on Dubbo in the Spring Boot runtime environment.
  • Upgraded config-client to V1.9.6. Support for dynamic adjustment of the maximum number of registrations.
  • Upgraded Sentinel to V2.12.12-edas. Support for Spring Boot 2.
  • </Ol>
    3.4.5 2018-6-14 3.4.4 Upgraded ACM to V3.8.10. Fixed the problem of ineffective multi-tenant monitoring over a native interface.
    3.4.4 2018-5-18 3.4.3
    1. The time-out value is 0 during asynchronous processing on HSF provider or a local call, resulting in a time-out error.
    2. Some peer IP attributes are missing in RpcContext for using Dubbo on EDAS.
    3. Support for use of the service tags on Dubbo in the AOP scenario.
    4. Unsupported if the Bool value is included in Map during a generalized call of HSF.
    3.4.3 2018-4-24 3.4.1
    1. Upgraded the Diamond to V3.8.8.
    2. Fixed the problem of failing to locate the print certificate and improved the security level.
    3. Upgraded EDAS-Assist to V2.0.
    4. Optimized the port availability detection logic and upgraded fastjson to V1.2.48.
    3.4.1 2018-3-15 3.4.0
    1. Upgraded hsf-plugin. Support for dubboX.
    2. Upgraded diamond-client and configcenter-client.
    3. Upgraded edas-assit and canceled the port check after the specified port value is displayed.
    3.4.0 2018-3-7 3.3.9
    1. Upgraded edas-assist and improved the speed to check the available ports. Support for dynamic setting of a CSP interface.
    2. Provided the ConfigCenter version for tenants.
    3. Upgraded configclient to ensure unified internal and external consumers. Support for CS2.0 and CS3.0 providers.
    3.3.9 2018-1-17 3.3.8
    1. Upgraded HSF and solved the problem of ZooKeeper blocking.
    2. Upgraded Sentinel to provide additional system protection (effective only after you introduce the console push rules).
    3. Modified the links of default errors for internationalization.
    3.3.8 2018-1-3 3.3.6
    1. Upgraded Sentinel to provide an interface that dynamically generates metadata.
    2. Upgraded HSF to provide the tid transmission feature.
    3. Upgraded ons and fixed the problem of ineffective link tracing.
    3.3.6 2017-12-20 3.3.4
    1. When the same exception is thrown repeatedly, the header information increases constantly, resulting in a ultra-long prompt message.
    2. EagleEye parses an exception into UNKnown, affecting call trace parsing and topological display of an application.
    3.3.4 2017-11-30 3.3.3
    1. Upgraded Diamond to the latest version to be compatible with ACM.
    2. Fixed a series of problems, including HSF generalization, Unit dependency, resolution exception of multiple ZK addresses, and InetAddress serialization. Support for setting whitelist rules.
    3. Fixed the problem that the settings on the custom throttling and downgrade page have to wait for about 30 seconds to take effect.
    4. EagleEye supports health check, with alimetric and tomcat monitor features.
    5. Upgraded ons-client to configure message cache size in MQ on the consumer.
    3.3.3 2017-10-18 3.3.2
    1. Support for automatic registration of applications (disabled by default).
    2. Fixed the problem of HSF file handle occupation.
    3. Sentinel supports HSF2.2,4. Enhanced the Pandora QoS command.
    3.3.2 2017-10-18 3.3.1
    1. Fixed the problem of hsf.lock handle occupation on HSF.
    2. Added Redis tracing.
    3. Upgraded tddl-driver for online comprehensive stress testing.
    4. Enhanced the Pandora QoS command.
    3.3.1 2017-07-13 3.3.0 Upgraded tddl-driver separately for online comprehensive stress testing.