This topic describes the limits of query and analysis in Log Service.


Item Description Remarks
Number of keywords You can specify a maximum of 30 keywords for each query. If you use Boolean Logical operators together with keywords, the operators are not counted as keywords. None
Size of a field value The maximum size of a field value is 10 KB. The excess part is not queried. If the size of a field value is greater than 10 KB, log data may fail to be retrieved by using keywords. However, the data is complete.
Concurrent queries in a project You can perform a maximum of 100 queries in a single project at the same time. None
Number of returned log entries By default, a maximum of 100 log entries are returned for each query. None
Log entry display A maximum of 10,000 characters in a field value can be split by using delimiters due to browser performance limits. If a field value in a log entry contains more than 10,000 characters, the console returns the following message: The log contains log data of more than 10,000 characters, and some display will be downgraded.
Fuzzy search If you perform a fuzzy search, Log Service finds a maximum of 100 words in log entries that meet the specified conditions. Log entries that contain the words and meet the search conditions are returned. None
Query result sorting By default, query results are displayed from the log entries that are generated the latest. The time at which a log entry is generated is accurate to the minute. None


Item Standard instance
Number of concurrent analytic statements Each project supports a maximum of 15 concurrent analytic statements at a time.

For example, 15 users can execute analytic statements in all Logstores of a project at the same time.

Data volume Each shard supports only 1 GB of data for a single analytic statement.
Method to enable Standard instances are enabled by default.
Resource usage fee Free of charge.
Applicable scope You can analyze only the data that is written to Log Service after the log analysis feature is enabled.

If you want to analyze historical data, you must re-index the historical data. For more information, see Reindex logs for a Logstore.

Returned result After you execute an analytic statement, a maximum of 100 rows of data are returned by default.

If you require more data, use the LIMIT clause. For more information, see LIMIT syntax.

Size of a field value The maximum size of a field value is 16 KB. If the size of a field value exceeds 16 KB, the excess content is not analyzed.
Timeout period The maximum timeout period for a single analytic statement is 55 seconds.
Number of digits that consists of a field value of the double type Each field value of the double type consists of a maximum of 52 digits.

If the number of digits is greater than 52, the accuracy of the field value is compromised.