This topic describes how to enable, use, and disable the full SQL analysis feature of DAS.


Three major challenges exist when you use MySQL databases.

  1. Hard to locate historical problems: The database generated an alert for 100% CPU utilization at 03:00 (UTC+8), but no slow SQL statements were collected during that period. How can I identify the cause?
  2. Hard to obtain stress test templates: A stress test of a sales promotion is to be carried out next week. The database administrator must collect SQL templates and the execution frequency of each SQL statement from individual data providers. This method is inefficient and can cause errors and inconsistencies.
  3. Whether to optimize slow SQL statements: Not all slow SQL statements need to be optimized immediately. You need to know the most resource-consuming SQL statements in the database, and optimize these SQL statements to improve the instance stability.

You can solve the preceding problems by performing full SQL diagnostics.