This topic describes how to manage scan tasks and periodic tasks.


You have created scan tasks. For more information, see Create scan tasks.

Manage scan tasks and periodic tasks

Perform the following steps to manage scan tasks and periodic tasks.
  1. Log on to the Cloud Security Scanner console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Scan Tasks and perform the following operations as needed.
    • View and search for tasks
      • View tasks
      • Search for tasks

        Enter an IP/Domain/Task Name into the search box and click the search icon to search for a specific task. Tasks in the same type are listed on the current page according to their creation time.

    • Filter tasks

      Currently, Cloud Security Scanner allows you to filter tasks by task type. You can select a task type to filter tasks. Task types include One-time Task and Periodic Task. By default, All tasks are listed on the Scan Tasks page according to their creation time.

      • Select One-time Task. Tasks that are set to Immediately and Scheduled Task are filtered out.
      • Select Periodic Task. Tasks that are set to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly are filtered out.
    • Edit and delete tasks
      • Edit a task
        1. Find the target task and click Edit in the Actions column.
        2. On the Edit Scan Task page that appears, change the parameters.

          You can change the following parameters: Task Name, Effective Period, Start Time, and Scan Frequency. You can set Start Time to Immediately or Scheduled Task, and set Scan Frequency to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. You cannot change the Scan Type after the task is created.

        3. Click OK.
      • Delete a task

        Find the target task and click Delete in the Actions column. To delete multiple tasks at the same time, select the target tasks and click Delete in the lower-left corner.

    • View task instances
      • On the Task Instances page, click an instance in the Task Name/Scan Target column to view the task instances. Task instance statuses include Running, Completed, Stopped, and All.
      • You can filter task instances by status. You can select Waiting, Running, Paused, Completed, and Stopped.
    • Enable and disable periodic tasks

      You can Enable and Disable a periodic task in the Status column. Cloud Security Scanner determines whether to run the task and create task instances according to the task status.