This topic describes how to create an alert rule for a virtual border router (VBR) to monitor the resource usage of the associated Express Connect circuit in CloudMonitor. This prevents service interruptions caused by resource exhaustion.


Health checks are configured on the VBR. For more information, see Configure health checks.


  1. Log on to CEN console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Health Check.
  3. On the Health Check page, find the VBR that you want to manage and click Set Alarm in the Monitor column.
  4. On the Alert Rules page, click Create Alert Rule.
  5. On the Create Alert Rule page, select CEN-Router for Product. Then, set the other parameters and click Confirm.
    You can specify Healthy Check Latency, Healthy Check Loss Rate, Internet In Rate, and Internet Out Rate for the alert rule. For more information, see Create a threshold-triggered alert rule.