Modifies the health check configuration of a forwarding rule.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Ip String Yes The Anti-DDoS Pro IP to be operated.
LbId String Yes The policy change identifier.
FrontPort Integer Yes The forwarding port to be operated.
Configjson String Yes The configuration to be delivered. The format is JSON. For a structure description, see ConfigJson. For example, {"check":{"interval":5,"port":255,"timeout":5,"type":"http","up":3,"down":3,"domain":"","uri":"/a/a/a"}}.
Table 1. ConfigJson
Name Type Required Description
check Object Yes The health check configuration. For a structure description, see check.
Note The name of this parameter begins with a lower case letter.
Table 2. check
Name Type Required Description
interval Integer Yes The check interval, in seconds.
port Integer No The listener port.
Note This parameter is required when the protocol type is tcp or udp.
timeout Integer Yes The timeout value, in seconds.
type String Yes The protocol type. Value:
  • tcp
  • udp
  • http
up Integer Yes The healthy threshold.
down Integer Yes The unhealthy threshold.
domain String No The domain name.
uri String No The URI to be checked.
Note This parameter is required when the protocol type is http.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String The unique identifier (ID) for this request.


Request example
&public parameters
Response example
  • JSON format
    	"RequestId": "C33EB3D5-AF96-43CA-9C7E-37A81BC06A1E"