Describes the forwarding rules of an Anti-DDoS Pro IP.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Ip String Yes The Anti-DDoS Pro IP to be queried.
FrontPort Integer No The forwarding port to be queried. You can filter the forwarding rules by the specified port.
CurrentPage Integer Yes Specifies the number of pages to display. Minimum value: 1.
PageSize Integer Yes Specifies the number of rows per page. Maximum value: 10.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String The unique identifier (ID) for this request.
RuleList List The list of forwarding rules. For a structure description, see RuleList.
Count Integer The number of forwarding rules.
Table 1. RuleList
Name Type Description
RealServer String The list of origin site IP addresses.
Ip String The Anti-DDoS Pro IP address.
LbId String An identifier used to mark policy changes. This parameter is required when delivering the health check, session persistence, and DDoS protection configuration.
LvsType String The LVS forwarding rule. Value: poll.
BackProtocol String The origin site protocol.
BackPort Integer The origin site port.
FrontProtocol String The forwarding protocol.
FrontPort Integer The forwarding port.


Request example
&public parameters
Response example
  • JSON format
    	"RequestId": "C33EB3D5-AF96-43CA-9C7E-37A81BC06A1E",