Modifies the custom HTTP flood protection rule of a domain name.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Domain String Yes The domain name to be operated.
Name String Yes The name of the rule. For example, testCcRule1.
Uri String Yes The URI to be inspected. For example, /a/b/c.
MatchingRule String Yes The matching mode. Value:
  • prefix: Prefix match
  • match: Exact match
Interval Integer Yes The inspection interval, in seconds. Value range: 5-10,800. Use this parameter with VisitCount to define the normal request frequency from one client IP at the inspection interval.
Blockingtype String Yes The blocking type. This parameter defines the action to be triggered after the rule is matched. Value:
  • captcha: Performs Human-machine identification
  • close: Blocks the request
BlockingTime Integer Yes The blocking duration, in seconds. Value range: 60-86,400.
Visitcount Integer Yes The normal request frequency from one client IP at the inspection interval (defined by Interval). Value range: 2-2,000. If the request frequency from one client IP exceeds the normal frequency, the rule is triggered.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String The unique identifier (ID) for this request.


Request example
&public parameters
Response example
  • JSON format
    	"RequestId": "C33EB3D5-AF96-43CA-9C7E-37A81BC06A1E"