Queries the details of one or more Anti-DDoS Pro instances by instance ID or Anti-DDoS Pro IP.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
InstanceIdList List No (Query by instance ID) The ID of the instance to be described.
Note The priority of InstanceIdList is higher than that of IpList.
IpList List No (Query by instance IP address) The IP address of the Anti-DDoS Pro instance to be described.
Note The priority of IpList is lower than that of InstanceIdList.
CurrentPage Integer Yes Specifies the number of pages to display. Minimum value: 1.
PageSize Integer Yes Specifies the number of rows per page. Maximum value: 10.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String The unique identifier (ID) for this request.
InstanceList List The list of instances. For a structure description, see InstanceList.
Total Integer The total number of results.
Table 1. InstanceList
Name Type Description
InstanceId String The ID of the Anti-DDoS Pro instance.
IpList List The list of Anti-DDoS Pro IP addresses. For a structure description, see IpList.
InstanceRemark String The remark of the instance.
Table 2. IpList
Name Type Description
Status Integer The status of the Anti-DDoS Pro IP. Values:
  • 0: Creating
  • 1: Normal
  • 2: Expired
Line List The ISP line. Values:
  • CUT: China Union
  • CT: China Telecom
  • MT: China Mobile
  • BGP: Border Gateway Protocol
ElasticBandWidth Integer The elastic bandwidth in Mbps.


Request example
&public parameters
Response example
  • JSON format
      "RequestId": "C33EB3D5-AF96-43CA-9C7E-37A81BC06A1E",