You can call this operation to perform queries on layer 4 forwarding rules of Anti-DDoS Pro instances.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
InstanceId String Yes The ID of the Anti-DDoS Pro instance that you want to query.
ForwardProtocol String No The forwarding protocol. Valid value: TCP.
FrontendPort Integer No The port for front-end connections.
Offset Integer Yes The number of records to skip when returning the result records.
Note If not specified, all result records are returned.
PageSize Integer Yes The number of result records per page. Maximum value: 50.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
Total Integer The total number of result records.
Listeners Listener[] The array of listeners. For more information, see Listener.
RequestId String The GUID generated by Alibaba Cloud for the request.
Table 1. Listener
Name Type Description
InstanceId String The ID of the Anti-DDoS Pro instance.
Protocol String The listener protocol.
FrontendPort Integer The port for front-end (client to Anti-DDoS Pro) connections. Valid values: 0-65535.
BackendPort Integer The port for back-end (Anti-DDoS Pro to origin server) connections. Valid values: 0-65535.
RealServers JSON array The IP addresses of the origin servers.
IsAutoCreate Boolean Indicates whether the listener is automatically created. If true, the listener cannot be deleted or modified.


Sample requests
  "InstanceId": "0bcf28g5-d57c-11e7-9bs0-d89d6717dxbc",
  "ForwardProtocol": "tcp",
  "FrontendPort": 80,
  "Offset": 1,
  "PageSize": 10
Sample responses
  "Total": 1,
  "Listeners": [
      "InstanceId": "0bcf28g5-d57c-11e7-9bs0-d89d6717dxbc",
      "Protocol": "tcp",
      "FrontendPort": 80,
      "RealServers": [
      "IsAutoCreate": true
  "RequestId": "0bcf28g5-d57c-11e7-9bs0-d89d6717dxbc"