You can call this operation to perform queries on instance details.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
InstanceIds String Yes The array of IDs of Anti-DDoS Pro instances represented as a JSON string.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
InstanceDetails InstanceDetail The list of instance details. For more information, see InstanceDetail.
RequestId String The GUID generated by Alibaba Cloud for the request.
Table 1. InstanceDetail
Name Type Description
InstanceId String The ID of the Anti-DDoS Pro instance.
Line String The network lines used by the instance. For example, coop-line-001.
[]EipInfoList EipInfo The list of EIPs that are associated with the instance. For more information, see EipInfo.
Table 2. EipInfo
Name Type Description
Eip String The elastic IP address.
Status String The status of the EIP. Valid values:
  • normal: Indicates that the instance is running correctly.
  • cleaning: Indicates that the instance is scrubbing traffic.
  • blackhole: Indicates that the instance is routing traffic to a black hole.


Sample requests
  "InstanceIds": "[\"0bcf28g5-d57c-11e7-9bs0-d89d6717dxbc\",\"0bcf28g5-d57c-11e7-9bs0-d89d6717dxbc\"]"
Sample responses
  "InstanceDetails": [
      "InstanceId": "0bcf28g5-d57c-11e7-9bs0-d89d6717dxbc",
      "Line": "coop-line-001",
      "EipInfoList": [
          "Eip": "",
          "Status": "normal"
  "RequestId": "0bcf28g5-d57c-11e7-9bs0-d89d6717dxbc"