This topic describes how to unmount a file system from an ECS instance running Linux.


  1. Log on to the ECS console.
  2. Run the umount /mnt command to unmount an NFS file system.

    You need to replace the /mnt directory with a directory specific to your environment.

    The format of the unmount command is umount /<the directory of a mount point>.


    We recommend that you do not specify any other umount parameters or change their default values.

    When you unmount a file system, an error indicating that the device is busy may occur. In this case, run the kill command to terminate the processes that are accessing the file system.
    1. Install fuser.
      • fuser is preinstalled in CentOS, RHEL, and Aliyun Linux. You do not need to reinstall fuser on these systems.
      • For Ubuntu or Debian, run the apt install -y fuser command to install the tool.
    2. Run the fuser -mv <the directory of a mount point> command to view the process ID of each process that is accessing the Apsara File Storage NAS file system.
    3. Run the kill <pid> command to terminate a process.
  3. Run the mount -l command to view the unmount result.

    If an Apsara File Storage NAS file system is not displayed in the unmount result, it indicates that the file system is unmounted.