You need to apply for a physical connection interface to connect the leased line from your service provider to an Alibaba Cloud access point before you can establish a physical connection.


Before applying for a physical connection interface, pay attention to the following restrictions:
  • Access through ports such as 155M CPOS, V.35, and G.703 of the SDH protocol is not supported.
  • Alibaba Cloud provides multiple access points in each available region, except the China (Qingdao) and US (Silicon Valley) regions. Different access points have different service provider restrictions. For more information, see Select an access point.


  1. Log on to the Express Connect console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Physical Connections > Physical Connection Interfaces.
  3. Click Apply for New Interface.
  4. Configure the physical connection interface, and complete the payment for an initial installation fee.
    Configuration Description
    Region Select the region where the leased line is deployed.

    We recommend that you install the leased line in the region of your VPC. If you choose a different region, you need to pay an extra fee incurred by cross-region Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) or a peering connection.

    SP Select the service provider of the leased line.

    Different access points are provided for different service providers.

    Access Point

    Select an access point that is closest to your on-premises data center.

    Access points are the on-premises data centers of Alibaba Cloud that are located in multiple regions. Each region has one or more access points. Different access points correspond to different access locations and have different access capabilities. You can open a ticket to obtain detailed information about the location of access points.

    Port Specification Port specifications include 1G and below, 10G, 40G, and 100G. If you select 40G or 100G, you need to enable a whitelist.
    Note Different specifications incur different resource occupation fees.
    Port Type Select the access port type.
    Available port types vary according to the selected access point. The console displays available port types.
    Note Available port types vary according to the selected access points and service providers. We recommend that you consult the service provider before applying for a port.
    Redundant Connection ID Select a requested physical connection to provide an Equal-Cost Multi-Path routing (ECMP) redundant link for this physical connection. Two physical connections accessing the same region can be used as redundant physical connections.
    • When accessing different access points, both physical connections naturally provide redundancy to each other.
    • When both physical connections access the same access point, you need to specify one as the redundancy of the other. Redundant physical connections are allocated to different physical access devices.
  5. Return to the Physical Connection Interfaces page to check the physical connection interface you have applied for.

    The physical connection interface is in the To Apply for LOA state.

  6. Click Apply for LOA in the Actions column.
  7. On the Apply for LOA page, enter the leased line connection information, and click Add Field Engineer to add the information of a data center cable installation technician or representative. Multiple technicians can be added.
    Configuration Description
    Company Name Enter the company name that you set when you registered your account

    or the name of the account owner.

    Construction Company Enter the name of your designated data center cable installation company, which is usually your service provider of the leased line or the on-premises data center.
    Construction Type Select the required leased line type:
    • MSTP
    • FIBRE
    • Others
    Note SDH is not supported.
    Scheduled Construction Time Set the date and time when the data center cable installation technician or representative from the installation company will go to complete the leased line connection at the site of the Alibaba Cloud data center.
    Location Optional. Enter the location of your on-premises data center.
    Bandwidth Optional. Enter the bandwidth of the leased line.
    Note The bandwidth value you enter does not affect the fees charged to your account or your usage of the leased line.
  8. Click OK. Your application is then sent to Alibaba Cloud personnel for review.

    The physical connection interface enters the In Application state.

  9. After the application is approved, download the LOA in the console.

    The physical connection interface enters the Approved LOA state. Click View LOA in the Actions column to view the installation information, such as the data center location of Alibaba Cloud, cabinet location, and port information.

  10. At this stage, we recommend that you instruct your installation company to start installation. After installation is complete, click Delivery Report on the Physical Connection Interfaces page, enter the leased line code and the label numbers of the cables at the site of the Alibaba Cloud data center, and click OK.

    The physical connection interface enters the Waiting state.

  11. Alibaba Cloud will connect the cables to the corresponding CSW ports according to the information you provided. Alibaba Cloud should complete this step within two working days of you clicking OK in the preceding step.

    The physical connection interface enters the Waiting state.

  12. After you confirm that the physical connection interface has been deployed, pay the resource fee and enable the port.
  13. After payment, the physical connection interface changes to the Enabled state, indicating that the leased line connection is completed.

    Note The estimated time frame of completing the LOA application, installation, and on-site assistance from Alibaba Cloud is subject to local laws and authorities.