You can call the DescribeCdnDomainDetail operation to query the basic information about a CDN domain.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String  Yes The operation that you want to perform. Set this parameter to DescribeCdnDomainDetail.
DomainName String Yes The name of the CDN domain of which the basic information is queried.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
DomainName String The name of the CDN domain.
Cname String The CNAME generated for the CDN domain. You must add a CNAME record with your DNS provider to map the CDN domain name to the CNAME.
HttpsCname String The CNAME for which the HTTPS protocol is enabled.
DomainStatus String The status of the CDN domain.
  • online: The CDN domain is enabled.
  • offline: The CDN domain is disabled.
  • configuring: The CDN domain is being configured.
  • configure_failed: The CDN domain failed to be configured.
  • checking: The CDN domain is under review.
  • check_failed: The CDN domain failed the manual review.
ServerCertificateStatus String Indicates whether the SSL certificate is enabled.
  • on: The SSL certificate is enabled.
  • off: The SSL certificate is disabled.
GmtCreated String The time when the CDN domain was added.
GmtModified String The time when the CDN domain was last modified.
ResourceGroupId String The ID of the resource group.
Description String The description.
Scope String The scope.
SourceModels SourceModel[] The origin information of the CDN domain.

Parameters in SourceModel

Parameter Type Description
Content String The origin address.
Type String The address type of the origin.
  • ipaddr: IP address
  • domain: domain name
  • oss: URL of an Alibaba Cloud OSS bucket
Port Integer The port number: 443 or 80.
Enabled String The status of the origin.
Priority String The priority of the origin if multiple origins are specified.
Weight String The weight of the origin if multiple origins are specified.


Sample request<Common request parameters>

Sample success response

JSON format

  "GetDomainDetailModel": {
    "Cname": "",
    "DomainName": "",
    "DomainStatus": "online",
    "GmtCreated": "2015-06-25T03:30:50Z",
    "GmtModified": "2015-06-25T03:30:53Z",
    "HttpsCname": "",
    "SourceModels": {
        "SourceModel": [
             "Enabled": "online",
             "Port": 80,
             "Type": "domain",
             "Content": "",
             "Priority": "20",
             "Weight": "10"
  "RequestId": "18CF38AA-1275-451D-A12B-4EC0BF1C5E30"