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5. Error diagnostic

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2018

See the following information if you have problems binding custom domain names:

Error code HTTP status code Error message Cause
DomainNameAlreadyExists 409 domain name ‘%s’ already exists The domain name you wanted to create already exists.
DomainNameNotFound 404 domain name ‘%s’ does not exist The domain name to retrieve information from does not exist.
InvalidICPLicense 400 domain name ‘%s’ does not have an ICP license, or the ICP license does not belong to Aliyun The domain name has not obtained ICP registration or has not transferred ICP registration to Alibaba Cloud.
DomainNameNotResolved 400 domain name ‘%s’ has not been resolved to your FC endpoint, the expected endpoint is ‘%s’ CNAME records are not pointed to the endpoint for the domain name. You can check the endpoint using the dig command or on the DNS server.
DomainRouteNotFound 404 no route found in domain ‘%s’ for path ‘%s’ The path is not mapped to the function to be triggered.
TriggerNotFound 404 trigger ‘http’ does not exist in service ‘%s’ and function ‘%s’ The function to be triggered by a custom domain name has not been configured with the HTTP trigger.

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