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2. Resolve the domain name

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2019

To guarantee that the request of your custom domain name arrives at your Function Compute, you need to point the CNAME record to the endpoint of your Function Compute on your DNS server.

The format of an endpoint is <accountID>.<region> You can find the endpoint of the current region in the upper right corner of the Function Compute console. This topic describes how to resolve domain names through the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.

Domain name resolution

Set the CNAME record pointed to the endpoint of Function Compute on your DNS server.

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS consoleAlibaba Cloud DNS console.

  2. In the Click Add Domain Name. If the domain name that you want to resolve is already in Basic DNS, skip this step and move to step 3.


  3. Select the domain name that needs a DNS setting. Click Configure in its Actions column.

  4. Click Add Record to add the DNS records that you need on the DNS Settings page.

  5. In the Type entry, click iCON to select CNAME- Canonical name. Add CNAME records for your domain name.


To this point, your domain name has been successfully resolved to the endpoint of your Function Compute.

What to do next

Binding custom domain name.