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Ali-Tomcat overview

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2019

Ali-Tomcat is a container that EDAS relies on to run services. It integrates service publishing, subscription, service call tracing, and other core functions.You can deploy applications in this container in both development and runtime environments.

Pandora is a lightweight isolation container, namely taobao-hsf.sar.This container is used to isolate dependencies between applications and middleware products and between middleware products.EDAS Pandora integrates plugins that implement service discovery, configuration pushing, service call tracing, and other middleware products.By using these plugins, you can monitor, process, trace, analyze, maintain, and manage EDAS applications.

If you have not used HSF, do not use Ali-Tomcat to develop EDAS applications.

Note: On EDAS, Ali-Tomcat is only available for web applications in WAR format.