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Configure data volumes

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Elastic Container Instances (ECI) are stateless by default. Once a container is destroyed, all state information stored in the container is deleted. If you need to store data that exists outside the life cycle of the container instance, mount a volume into the container group for persistent data storage.

ECIs currently supports the following types of volumes:

  • NFS
  • ConfigFile
  • emptyDir

The details of the supported volume types are as follows.


An NFS volume allows you to mount a configured NAS file system to a container group. The data stored in the NFS volume is retained after the container group is destroyed. An NFS volume enables data transfer between container groups and persistent data storage.


A ConfigFile volume delivers configuration information to a container group.


An emptyDir volume is accessible to all containers in a container group. It can be used to achieve data sharing among all the containers in the group. Data stored in an emptyDir volume is deleted when the container group is removed.