To stop bill generation for Log Service, you must delete all data in Log Service. Before you delete the data, make sure that you no longer need to use Log Service.


You can delete data in Log Service by deleting Logstores and projects. You are charged for data storage in the Logstores on the day the Logstores are deleted and no billing items will be generated the next day.

Warning After Logstores and projects are deleted, all log data stored in the Logstores and projects and the configurations of the Logstores and projects are deleted and cannot be recovered. Proceed with caution.
  1. Log on to the Log Service console.
  2. Delete a Logstore.
    • Before you can delete a Logstore, you must delete all Logtail configurations that are associated with the Logstore.
    • If the log shipping feature is enabled for a Logstore, we recommend that you stop writing data to the Logstore before you delete the Logstore. In addition, make sure that all data in the Logstore is shipped.
    • If you cannot delete a Logstore by using your Alibaba Cloud account due to insufficient permissions, submit a ticket.
    1. In the Projects section, click the target project name.
    2. On the page that appears, choose Log Management > Logstores. Find the target Logstore, and then choose Modify the configurations of a Logstore > Delete.
    3. In the dialog box that appears, click OK.
  3. Delete a project.
    1. Go back to the Projects section. Find the target project, and then click Delete.
    2. Select a reason for the deletion, and then click OK.