A compliant retention strategy is used to specify the protection period of objects in a bucket. No one can modify or delete a protected object during the protection period.

  • For more information about compliant retention strategies, see Introduction.
  • The compliant retention strategy feature is in the beta testing phase in the China South 1 (Shenzhen) region and will be supported in all regions.


  1. Log on to the OSS console.
  2. In the bucket list on the left, click the name of the bucket that you want to set a compliant retention strategy for.
  3. Click the Basic Settings tab, locate the Retention Strategy area, and click Configure.
  4. Click Create Strategy.
  5. In the Create Strategy dialog box, set the Retention period for the compliant retention strategy. The value range of Retention period is 1 day to 70 years.
  6. Click OK.
    Note After a compliant retention strategy is created, it is in the IN_PROGRESS state. You can Lock or Delete a compliant retention strategy in this state.
  7. Click Lock.
  8. Confirm the compliant retention strategy and click OK.
    • After this step, the strategy is in the LOCKED state. You can click Edit to extend the retention period.
    • If you try to delete or modify the data in a bucket protected by a compliant retention strategy in the console, the The file is locked and cannot be operated error message is returned.

Calculate the retention time for an object

You can calculate the retention time for a protected object by adding the last update time of the object and the retention period specified in the compliant retention period. For example, a compliant retention strategy is set for a bucket, and the retention period specified in the strategy is 10 days. If the last update time of an object in the bucket is 2019-3-1 12:00, the object is protected until 2019-3-11 12:01. For more information about the compliant retention strategy, see Introduction.