This topic describes how to purchase a paid Cloud Firewall edition. Paid Cloud Firewall editions support only the subscription billing method. When you purchase an edition, you must select the service edition, specifications, and subscription period based on your business requirements, and complete the payment.


  1. Go to the Cloud Firewall buy page by using your Alibaba Cloud account.
  2. Configure the following parameters as required.
    Parameter Description
    Current Version The edition of Cloud Firewall that you want to purchase. Valid values:
    • Premium Edition
    • Enterprise Edition
    • Premium Edition

    Different editions support different features. You can click an edition and view its features in the Features section. For more information, see Features.

    For pricing information about each edition, see Billing.

    Protected Public IP Addresses The number of public IP addresses that the Internet firewall can protect. Valid values:
    • Premium Edition: 20 to 1000
    • Enterprise Edition: 50 to 2000
    • Ultimate Edition: 400 to 4000
    Protected Internet Traffic The maximum inbound or outbound Internet traffic that Cloud Firewall can protect. Unit: Mbit/s Valid values:
    • Premium Edition: 10 to 1000
    • Enterprise Edition: 50 to 2000
    • Ultimate Edition: 200 to 4000

    We recommend that you set this parameter to the Internet bandwidth of your business.

    If the specification does not meet your business requirements, submit a ticket to apply for scale-out.

    Protected VPCs The number of VPCs that VPC firewalls can protect.
    Only Enterprise Edition and Ultimate Edition support VPC firewalls. This parameter is required only after you select Enterprise Edition or Ultimate Edition for Current Version. Valid values:
    • Enterprise Edition: 2 to 200
    • Ultimate Edition: 5 to 500
    Log Audit Specifies whether to enable the Log Audit (Log Analysis) feature.

    By default, Cloud Firewall retains logs of the last seven days. If you want to save logs of more than seven days or meet specific classified protection requirements, we recommend that you enable the Log Audit feature.

    The Log Audit feature supports the storage of logs generated in the last six months, which meets classified protection requirements. For more information, see Overview.

    Log Storage The log storage capacity of the Log Audit feature. Unit: GB. Valid values:
    • Premium Edition: 1000 to 100000
    • Enterprise Edition: 3000 to 100000
    • Ultimate Edition: 5000 to 100000

    This parameter appears only after you select Yes for Log Audit.

    If you want to store logs of six months and set Protected Internet Traffic to 10 Mbit/s, we recommend that you purchase 1,000 GB of storage capacity.

    For information about the billing rules of the Log Audit feature, see Billing.

    Expert Service Specifies whether to enable the expert service.

    The expert service allows you to consult experts about configuration access and policy optimization over DingTalk. We recommend that you purchase the expert service for major business events to achieve high security.

    Duration The subscription duration.

    You can select Auto-renewal.

  3. Click Buy Now and complete the payment.
    After you complete the payment, you can view the Cloud Firewall edition and remaining validity period in the upper-right corner of the Overview page in the Cloud Firewall consoleEdition and remaining validity period

Related operations

  • Renew the subscription

    To renew the subscription to prolong the validity period of the current Cloud Firewall edition, perform the following steps: Log on to the Cloud Firewall console, click Renew in the upper-right corner of the Overview page, and then complete the renewal operation as prompted. For more information, see Renewal.

  • Upgrade the Cloud Firewall edition

    To upgrade your Cloud Firewall to a higher edition, perform the following steps: Log on to the Cloud Firewall console, click Upgrade in the upper-right corner of the Overview page, and then complete the upgrade as prompted. For more information, see Upgrade.

  • Downgrade the Cloud Firewall edition

    If you have subscribed to Cloud Firewall and want to downgrade it to a lower edition, submit a ticket to unsubscribe from the current edition and then subscribe to the lower edition.