The Cloud Firewall service supports annual and monthly subscriptions.


  1. Log on to the Purchase Cloud Firewall page.
  2. Select the Cloud Firewall edition you want. Cloud Firewall edition
    Note Cloud Firewall has three editions: Pro, Enterprise, and Flagmenship editions. Different editions support different features and billing methods. For more details, seeFeatures and Billing method.
  3. Drag the slider to select the bandwidth or enter a bandwidth value in the Bandwidth text box.Cloud Firewall Bandwidth
  4. Select a value for Subscription period.
    Note A 15% discount is offered for subscriptions that last one year. The maximum subscription period is three years.
  5. Confirm the order, select I agree to the terms and conditions of Cloud Firewall, and pay the subscription fee.

    After the payment is complete, you can use the Cloud Firewall service in the Cloud Firewall console.

Note If you have subscribed to an edition and want to downgrade it to a lower edition, submit a work order to unsubscribe from the current edition and then subscribe to the lower edition.