This document introduces the benefits of Cloud Firewall, which is the industry's first FWaaS solution for cloud platforms. It manages north-south and east-west traffic in a centralized manner to comprehensively protect your network. Cloud Firewall's out-of-the-box features make it easy to use. In addition, it supports precise access control and network-wide traffic visibility.

FWaaS, which is easy to use

Cloud Firewall is the first FWaaS solution provided for public clouds based on software-defined networking (SDN) technology. Once you subscribe to the Cloud Firewall service in the console, you can use it after several simple steps of policy configurations. Cloud Firewall helps you get rid of the basic but complex system and network configurations such as image installation and routing setup that are required by traditional firewalls. In addition, you do not need to be concerned about issues such as disaster recovery, capacity expansion, and deployment.

Smooth scaling

Cloud Firewall is deployed in cluster mode and supports smooth scaling. It provides a defense capability of up to 2 Gbit/s per IP address, which is customizable.

High availability and reliability

Cloud Firewall is deployed in dual available zone (AZ) mode. The failure of any server or AZ does not affect Cloud Firewall's normal service.

Cloud Firewall supports easily bypassing a certain IP address, helping you rapidly diagnose faults during O&M.

Centralized policy management

Cloud Firewall provides complete north-south and east-west traffic control for your assets. You can fully control the access to your ECS instances and isolate ECS instances for security.

With Cloud Firewall, you can control access to common cloud assets such as ECS instances at the network level and fix the problems of abnormal accessing to the cloud assets.

Real-time intrusion prevention

With the built-in IPS, Cloud Firewall can receive simultaneous updates of network-wide threat intelligence, detect and block threats from the Internet in real time.

Business relationship visibility

Cloud Firewall shows assets and their access relationships in topology views. Once you subscribe to the Cloud Firewall service, you can gain instant visibility of your business regions, groups, assets, access relationships between assets, and clustering analysis of user traffic without any configurations. Cloud Firewall supports visual analysis of traffic to maximize the correctness of policies.

Compliance with classified protection requirements

Cloud Firewall meets the boundary protection, access control, and other requirements on classified protection.