The Timeline model is a data model designed for message data scenarios. The model supports some special requirements of message data scenarios, such as message order preservation, storage of large numbers of messages, and real-time synchronization. The model also supports the full-text search and bool query. The model is applicable to message scenarios such as instant messaging (IM) and Feed streams.


The Timeline model provides clear core modules in a simple design. You can easily use this model, and set the model according to your business. The architecture of the model includes the following components:
  • Store: a store of Timeline data. The store is similar to a table in a database.
  • Identifier: an identifier used to identify Timeline data.
  • Meta: the metadata used to describe Timeline data. The metadata is stored in a free-schema structure and can contain any column.
  • Queue: stores all messages in a Timeline.
  • SequenceId: the serial number of a message body in the Queue. The SequenceId values must be incremental and unique. The Timeline model generates SequenceId values by using an auto-increment column. You can also specify SequenceId values by manual.
  • Message: the message body in the Timeline. The message is stored in a free-schema structure and can contain any column.
  • Index: includes Meta Index and Message Index. You can customize indexes for any columns in Meta or Message to provide the bool query.


The Timeline model supports the following features:
  • Manages Meta data and messages, including basic data operations such as create, read, update, and delete.
  • Supports the bool query and full-text search for Meta data and messages.
  • Generates SequenceId values in two ways: auto-increment column and manual setting.
  • Supports the Timeline Identifier that contains multiple columns.
  • Compatible with the Timeline 1. X model. The TimelineMessageForV1 example of the Timeline model can directly read messages from and write messages to the V1 version.
Table Store Java SDK (integrated with the Timeline model)