This article introduces you to the constraints and limitations of using the MaxCompute Lightning service.

DDL/DML constraints and limitations

MaxCompute Lightning only supports Select queries for MaxCompute tables and does not support UPDATE, CREATE, DELETE, and INSERT operations on MaxCompute tables.

Query constraints and limitations

  • A maximum number of 1,024 scanned partitions can be queried when you query partitioned tables.
  • Currently, views cannot be created or used.
  • Currently, MAP、ARRAY、TINYINT、BINARY、TIMESTAMP and DECIMAL with accuracy data types are not supported.
  • A maximum of 1 TB data can be scanned for a table in each query.
  • The size of the submitted query statement cannot exceed 100 KB.
  • The query timeout period is one hour.

UDF constraints and limitations

  • User-defined functions (UDF) created using MaxCompute cannot be used in MaxCompute Lightning.
  • PostgreSQL user-defined functions cannot be created or used in MaxCompute Lightning.
  • MaxCompute built-in functions are not supported at this time.

Query concurrency constraints

A maximum of 20 concurrent queries for a MaxCompute project is supported by MaxCompute Lightning.