To connect SQL client tools to MaxCompute projects, you must have JDBC URLs for the MaxCompute projects.

The following shows the format of a JDBC URL:
The following table describes the connection parameters:
Parameter Value Description
endpoint Access domain name of MaxCompute Lightning in the region For more information, see Access domain name. For example, accessing the Shanghai Region service through the external network using
port 443 -
database Name of a MaxCompute project -
User Access Key ID of the user -
password Access Key Secret of the user - 
ssl true MaxCompute Lightning servers are enabled with SSL protection by default, and you must use SSL connections.
prepareThreshold 0 Optional. When using the JDBC PrepareStatement function, it is recommended to set prepareThreshold=0.

For example, jdbc:postgresql://

You must specify the user, password, and SSL connection parameters before establishing a connection to MaxCompute projects.

You can also add parameters to the JDBC URL to connect to MaxCompute projects. For example:
jdbc:postgresql:// ssl=true& prepareThreshold=0&user=xxx&password=yyy
  • The endpoint of the China East 2 region.
  • Myproject: The name of the MaxCompute project you want to access.
  • SSL=true: The application of SSL connections.
  • xxx: Access Key ID of the user.
  • yyy: Access Key Secret of the user.