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Last Updated: Mar 01, 2019


You can call this operation to delete DCDN domain name configurations.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes The operation that you want to perform.
Set the value to BatchDeleteDcdnDomainConfigs.
DomainNames String Yes The DCDN domain name. Separate multiple domain names by commas (,).
FunctionNames String Yes The list of features, separated by commas (,).


Name Description
referer_white_list_set Specifies and enables the referer whitelist.
referer_black_list_set Specifies and enables the referer blacklist.
filetype_based_ttl_set Specifies the expiration time of files.
path_based_ttl_set Specifies the expiration time of the path.
cc_defense Enables defense against CC attacks.
oss_auth Specifies the bucket that requires OSS authentication.
ip_black_list_set Specifies the IP blacklist.
ip_white_list_set Specifies the IP whitelist.
error_page Specifies the page that the error page is to be redirected.
tesla Enables page access acceleration.
set_req_host_header Modifies the custom header of the origin host.
set_hashkey_args Ignores URL parameters.
aliauth Enables Alibaba authentication and specifies authentication type.
set_resp_header Specifies the response header (visible to the browser).
video_seek Enables the seeking feature.
range Enables origin fetch based on HTTP range requests.
gzip Enables page optimization using GNU zip (gzip) compression.
https_force Enables forced redirect to HTTPS.
http_force Enables forced redirect to HTTP.
alilive Configures ApsaraVideo Live service.
forward_scheme Specifies the protocol of the origin.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestID String The ID of the request.


Sample requests

  2. &,
  3. &FunctionNames=referer_white_list_set,https_force
  4. &<Common request parameters>

Sample responses

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "RequestId": "04F0F334-1335-436C-A1D7-6C044FE73368"
  3. }

Error codes

Error code Description HTTP status code Description
InvalidFunctionName.ValueNotSupported FunctionName %s is not supported. 400 The error message returned when the FunctionName value is invalid.