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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Alibaba Cloud for Azure Professionals



Aliyun Cloud ( domain name service brand provides a wide range of domain name registration and domain name trading services for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and well-known brand enterprises.The user management experience is ensured by a convenient management platform, and the security of the user domain name assets is protected by a secure product strategy.

  • Domain name registration: you can register various types of domain names at Alibaba Cloud Domain service.
  • Domain name protection: your domain name registration information is fully protected from malicious harassment, based on the inbuilt security services such as privacy protection and security lock.
  • Domain name resolution: you can use the Domain service together with Alibaba Cloud DNS. Alibaba Cloud DNS offers a free, effective, and secure DNS server to guarantee the immediate resolution of your domain name.

Enterprise Construction Station One-stop solution, service scope covers domain Name service, host service, Enterprise mailbox, website construction template, enterprise Building station personalization, cloud resolution DNS and other application services, as well as high-end enterprise e-commerce solutions and consulting services.To help enterprise customers to truly realize e-commerce applications, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

  • Market No.1: For the 20th consecutive year, the domestic domain name market NO.1 has been registered. More than 20 million domain names are registered in Wanwang. 4 million domain names are inquired in Wanwang every day. We use numbers to prove “domain names, starting from Wanwang(”.

  • Easy to use security: Intelligent query, fast registration, you can easily manage through a powerful domain name self-service platform. Unique privacy protection, security locks, self-inspection services, and intimate reminders of expiration renewal, full protection of your domain name.

  • Fast and stable: one-click cloud resolution, zero cost, very fast real-time effect, 99.99% availability to ensure that the service runs reliably.

  • High performance-to-price ratio: Refined but inexpensive service is better service, we are committed to let you spend the least money, enjoy the best products and the most professional services.

Azure does not support the purchase of domain names, and you can use Azure web apps or third-party domain registrars to purchase domain names. You can then host your domain in Azure DNS to manage your records.

2. Introduction to DNS services

Alibaba Cloud Domain Name Service (DNS) is an authoritative, highly available, and scalable domain name resolution and management service. It aims to provide enterprises and developers with a stable, secure, and intelligent service that converts website domain names and app resources into IP addresses for computer interconnection. It routes access by end users to the designated websites or app resources, at the same time as providing a DNS scheduling management service. See Alibaba Cloud DNS for more information.

Azure DNS is a hosted service for the DNS domain that provides name resolution using the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. By hosting domains in Azure, you can manage DNS records using the same credentials, APIs, tools, and billing as other Azure services.

2.1 Comparison of Main Functions

Service Type Alibaba Cloud DNS Azure DNS
API Supported Supported
Security protection Supported Supported
Monitoring services Supported Supported
ntelligent resolution service Supported Supported
DNS load balancing Supported Supported
Import file template Supported Unknown
Secondary DNS Supported Supported
CLI/PowerShell not Supported Supported
Custom TTL Supported Supported
URLforwarding Supported Supported
Chinese domain name resolution Supported Not Supported
Wildcard domain name resolution Supported Supported
Subdomain name resolution Supported Supported
Performance Single unit performance of up to 40 million QPS, can store over 20 million domain names, can process more than 1 billion QPS. Unknown
Billing mode Free version + paid version Number of DNS regions managed+ Number of received DNS queries

2.2 Comparison in API

Alibaba Cloud DNS supports APIs. You can use an API to control domain name resolution. Please ensure that you read the Alibaba Cloud DNS instructions and user agreement before using this interface. You must sign in to your Alibaba Cloud account in order to use the API.

Azure DNS resource provider REST API allows you to create and modify DNS areas and records hosted in Azure.

2.3 Comparison in Security

Alibaba Cloud DNS with domain name resolution DDoS protection can protect over 10 million domain names against high-volume DNS and DDoS attacks of up to 500,000 QPS.

Azure DNS uses network security groups (network ACLs) to restrict communication with the network, such as blocking DNS traffic (port 53) to servers outside the trusted recursive resolver. At the same time, Azure has begun adding third-party DNS firewalls to Azure Marketplace. These are special DNS servers that check for DNS queries for signs of malware activity and warn and/or block traffic.

2.4 Comparison in Authorization

By default, when you enable DNS services with your cloud account, the cloud account has full permission to manage its own resources. With Alibaba Cloud’s Resource Access Management (RAM) service, you can grant permission to access and manage the DNS resources under your cloud account to RAM sub-users.

Azure DNS can be based on Azure rolesAccess control,Control who has access to specific actions for the organization.

2.5 Comparison in Performance

Alibaba Cloud DNS is an authoritative cloud-based DNS service. With support from customers, the service has reduced costs, allowing more businesses to enjoy low-cost, high-quality high-tech products that require no installation, no deployment, and no O&M.

Through software and hardware optimization, a single Alibaba Cloud DNS unit provides up to 40 million QPS and the capacity to store over 20 million domain names. The service can handle request volumes of over 1 billion QPS and provide more than 40 OpenAPIs to enterprises and developers.

The current Azure DNS has not yet released detailed performance indicators, and the DNS domain in Azure DNS is hosted on the Azure global network of the DNS name server. Azure DNS uses any broadcast network so that each DNS query can be automatically routed to the nearest name server to provide the best possible performance for the user.

2.6 Comparison in Monitoring Services

Alibaba Cloud DNS features a nationwide monitoring network with over 300,000 monitoring stations. The monitoring stations monitor the security of web services and calculate network latency and DNS resolution times. It also issues alerts in the event of a fault.

Azure DNS provides customers with indicators through the Azure Monitor service to help them monitor specific aspects of the DNS zone hosted in the service. In addition, with Azure DNS indicators, alerts can be configured and received based on interest criteria.

2.7 Comparison in Price

Alibaba Cloud DNS supports two versions: free and premium. You can buy the premium version on monthly or annually basis. The pay-as-you-go version will be launched soon. You can also use Alibaba Cloud DNS API, which is free. But the API cannot be used more than five times. For more information on pricing, see Reference Price Information.

Azure DNS is billed based on the number of DNS zones hosted in Azure and the number of DNS queries received.。For more information on pricing, seeAzure DNS Pricing Information