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Last Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Elastic Bursting

Automatically scales computing capacity during traffic spikes.

You can use ECI to automatically provision additional compute resources for your business to avoid system failures during traffic spikes and prevent resource wasted due to excessive resource provisioning.

  • Simplicity

    ECIs are compatible with Kubernetes and allow you to easily acquire compute resources.

  • Seamless scaling

    ECIs can be started within seconds and feature fast elastic scaling.

  • Use on demand

    Container instances are created and released on demand. You do not need to prepare underlying resources before creating instances.

Data processing tasks

Large amounts of online data processing tasks

Based on business data processing needs, ECI can create a large number of containers in a short period of time to handle big data and online AI requests.

  • Hybrid scheduling

    ECI supports hybrid scheduling with CPU/GPU resources and virtual machines/bare metal servers.

  • Scalable tasks

    Multiple container group specifications are available, allowing you to encapsulate container groups into tasks for applications and services.

  • Pay-as-you-go

    ECIs are billed based on the their running time and the actual usage of resources.

DevOps CI/CD

You can use ECI to achieve automated continuous integration and continuous delivery.

ECI works with DevOps workflows to automatically complete container deployment, and accelerate testing case execution. This also enables you to create and delete containers at anytime.

  • DevOps automation

    ECIs provide automation and elasticity capabilities that allow you to deliver software applications without creating or maintaining clusters.

  • Environment consistency

    Containerized immutable infrastructure is supported.

  • Tools integration

    ECI provides a set of debugging, monitoring, and log analysis tools.

Serverless event-driven container engine

Serverless container infrastructure

The ECI uses a serverless container infrastructure, which allows you to efficiently handle highly concurrent events.

  • Complex events scheduling

    ECIs provide a immutable runtime for complex events.

  • Elastic scaling

    ECIs can be started within seconds and feature fast elastic scaling.

  • Pay-as-you-go

    You incur charges only for the consumed resources and running time of container instances.