Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection (SDDP) classifies and desensitizes sensitive data to help you accurately identify and protect sensitive data.

Identify sensitive data in a large amount of data

SDDP can identify sensitive data in a large amount of data and accurately distinguish sensitive data from non-sensitive data. SDDP can work with Object Storage Service (OSS) to centrally manage and scan files distributed in multiple places.

Identify internal threats

SDDP divides your data into public, internal, confidential, and secret data, and monitors internal threats to data security in real time.

Classify sensitive data

SDDP marks sensitive data with different risk levels and allows you to filter sensitive data by risk level.

Prevent data leaks

SDDP can detect and analyze anomalous data operations, anomalous data flows, and anomalous permission usage to help you prevent data leaks.

Statically desensitize data

If you deploy both the test and production environments in the cloud and want to export data from the production environment to the test environment, you can use SDDP to desensitize the data and monitor the data usage. SDDP guarantees safe use of sensitive data in the test environment.

Display sensitive data trends

SDDP generates trend charts in the console that visually and comprehensively display the distribution of sensitive data and statistics on different levels of sensitive data.

Comply with the requirements for personal information protection

SDDP can accurately distinguish personal data from other data and protect personal data to avoid compliance issues.

Meet requirements of GDPR

SDDP can identify sensitive data in a large amount of data and allows you to audit the use of sensitive data. This enables you to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements for sensitive data protection.

Check data security compliance

In response to the requirements of relevant supervision departments for checking data security compliance, SDDP provides features regarding data security, such as sensitive data classification, data leak detection, and data desensitization, to help you achieve data security compliance.