Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection (SDDP) can scan a large amount of data for sensitive data to help you obtain the security status of your data in real time.

SDDP benefits

  • Quickly and accurately identifies sensitive data in a large amount of data, and provides real-time and effective protection for sensitive data.
  • Effectively detects internal and external threats to data security to protect data in an all-around manner.
  • Allows you to define risk levels, detect anomalous operations on sensitive data, process anomalous events, and desensitize sensitive data to provide end-to-end protection for sensitive data.
  • Integrates AI and machine learning technologies to analyze sensitive data and anomalous events and accurately record data usage.
  • Is easy to activate and easy to use.
  • Displays the status and trends of sensitive data in your data assets in visualized charts.
  • Helps you achieve data security compliance and meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements for sensitive data protection.