This API is used to copy databases from one instance to another.

This API is applicable to RDS for SQL Server 2012/2016 instances.


  • The source and target instances belong to the same account.
  • The engine versions of the source and target instances are the same.
  • The source and target instances are located in the same region (can be in different zones) and have the same network type.
  • The source and target instances do not have databases whose names are the same.
  • Available storage space of the target instance is larger than the size of the databases to be copied.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: CopyDatabaseBetweenInstances.
SourceDBInstanceId String Yes Source instance ID.
TargetDBInstanceId String Yes Target instance ID, which must differ from the source instance ID.
DBNames String Yes List of names of the databases to be copied. Separate the names by comma (,).
SyncUserPrivilege String Yes Whether to copy users and permissions:
  • YES: Copy users and permissions.
    If the source instance and target instance each have a user of the same name before migration, after migration the target instance user has the combined permissions of both the users.
  • NO: Do not copy users and permissions. This is the default value.

Return parameters

Name Type Description
<Public return parameters> String For more information, see Public parameters.
RequestId String Request ID.
CopyTaskId String Migration task ID.
CopyResult String Migration result: