This topic describes how to invite collaborators, join a collaborative project, and view the status of collaborators on the collaborator panel. This topic also introduces permissions of collaborators.

App Studio supports real-time collaborative coding. Multiple collaborators of a team can develop and write code at the same time in the same project, and view changes made by other collaborators in real time. This feature helps avoid the hassle of synchronizing code and merging branches and significantly improve the development efficiency.

Invite a new collaborator

The project owner can invite other developers to join the project for collaborative coding.
  1. Open the project that you want to share.
  2. Click Share on the right to expand the collaborator panel.
  3. Click Invite in the upper-right corner to enter the invitation process.
  4. In the Invite New Member dialog box, set parameters.
    Parameter Description
    Username Enter the username of the collaborator to be invited.
    Permission Select Read-Only or R/W based on your business requirements.
  5. Click OK.

Join a collaborative project

When you are invited to join another developer's project, you can click Shared from Others on the project panel to view the collaborative projects that you have joined. Click a project to join it for real-time collaborative coding.

Collaborator panel

During real-time collaborative coding, collaborators can view the status of each other.
  1. Click Share on the right of the page. The list of collaborators appears.
  2. View the online status, file being edited, and permissions of a collaborator.
    Note The project owner can click Remove to remove a collaborator.

Permission description

During collaborative coding, a collaborator may have the following permissions:
  • Owner: The owner is the creator of the project and cannot be changed. The owner can invite other developers to join the project or remove other collaborators.
  • Read/write permissions: Collaborators with the read/write permissions can view all files in the project and edit these files.
  • Read-only permission: Collaborators with the read-only permission can only view the files in the project and cannot edit them.